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As from the 31st October 2011 Mr William Tait stood down from his role as Chairman of the Sheppey Sunday League & Youth League. The majority of you that knew Bill personally will know that he moved to Canterbury in the earlier part of this year, as part of a fore looking retirement plan. He spent a couple of months settling in Canterbury and recently took on a position in the Marlowe Theatre. The reasons for his resignation can be best highlighted in this segment of the letter that I received from Bill:


This is one email I never thought would ever be put on paper. Since the move to Canterbury, I always thought that my allegiance and commitment to a League I hold very dear would continue to give me the satisfaction of my contribution to what I always thought could be the 'Phoenix' of Sunday Leagues. Bearing in mind, I was part of the Sheppey Sunday League in the mid 90's. Out of the murk, appeared one Mark Rogers whose Personality, enthusiasm and gut dedication was always first to 'what can I get from this'. I have ALWAYS found your demeanour so personable, I truly trust our relationship has been workable, amicable but more importantly, matter of fact. We were always a team right from the off - we have always seen eye to eye, and , you have always sought my opinion in matters where you need conclusion and confirmation.

Since the move to Canterbury , and I know most of our contacts know of my move, the change in my working life at the Marlowe has taken over a larger part of my life  than I even I knew would be possible. The Theatre calendar from now on is so diverse/changeable that I cannot guarantee any weekday working. Weekends are very similar , but for me Sundays seem to be ok, but that may change in the light of hols and sickness.


The League Council sat on Tuesday 8th November and with a heavy heart accepted Bill’s resignation as Chairman although he will continue as a League Council Member for the time being and we wish him and Lena every success with their new ventures.


At this meeting the Vice Chairman Mr Phil Spice made a proposal to the League Council that Mr Michael Butcher be made Acting Chairman for the rest of the 2011-2012 season with a view to a full ratification to the post at the AGM in June 2012 to be made permanent. I seconded this proposal and with no other members standing for election this was carried unanimously.

We wish Michael every success in his new role as Chairman of our wonderful League and I am sure that you will afford him the same grace and respect that you

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